Basic Private Reindeer Encounters

Located in Collinsville, Illinois 15 minutes from St. Louis.

Child petting reindeer

Feel the Magic

Get Up Close and Personal With Real Reindeer!

Take the opportunity to meet real reindeer face to face! Feel reindeer fur, marvel at their gigantic antlers, be inside their environment, and more. Your reindeer encounter will be unforgettable.

We can accommodate groups of up to 6 people. For larger groups please contact us at 618-791-7906.

We are located in Collinsville, IL. just 15 minutes from St. Louis, MO.

Children in front of sleigh

Make menotires with loved ones

Full-Size Sleigh Photo Op!

We have a life size sleigh for you to get the perfect Christmas photos with!

So much to see

All Basic Reindeer Private Encounters Include

Pet a Reindeer

Feel the reindeer coat, how thick the fur is, and how soft the winter coat is.

Feed a Reindeer

You'll have the opportunity to try feeding the reindeer their favorite treats.

Note: we don't withold food from the reindeer at any time, so their willingness to eat treats all comes down to their appetite at that time.

30 Minute Sessions

You get to go inside the pen with the reindeer! You can stay with the reindeer the whole session or choose to spend some time taking photos in our sleigh.

Hands On Exhibits

For those who don't wish to feel the real reindeer you can feel reindeer pelts, antlers, and antler velvet.

Full-Size Sleigh

Take pictures in our full-size Christmas sliegh.

Photo Opportunities

Snap all the photos you want while you are here.

Learn About Reindeer Care

Learn about the care the reindeer receive, what they eat, and more!

Experienced Handlers

Two handlers are present during the whole encounter for safety and education. We have a wealth of reindeer knowledge not just about the animals, but their history and traditional human culture as well.

Multiple reindeer options

Choose Your Reindeer Package

We offer different packages for different budgets and desired experiences.

Most Popular

Basic Private Reindeer Encounter

Groups of up to 6 people.

$20/person ($120/group of 6)

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Deluxe Private Reindeer & Santa Encounter with Photos

Everything from Basic Private Reindeer Encounter plus more! Groups of up to 6 people.


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