Experience Real Reindeer in Private Groups

Located in Collinsville, Illinois 15 minutes from St. Louis.

Guided Tours

Guided Reindeer Tours for All Ages

We offer private guided tours of the farm to visitors during the off-season (mid-January through October). Visit the reindeer, learn all about them, pet them, feed them, and take home some real reindeer fur!

All of our tours are private and by appointment only. Our schedule is flexible.

Perfect for:

  • Homeschool Field Trips
  • Group Outings
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Adventure Days

A different kind of reindeer:

  • Reindeer in velvet: Off-Season is when Reindeer grow their antlers. These antlers are covered in soft, warm velvet that you can't experience in the holiday months.
  • Color changes: During the non-winter months the Reindeer shed their winter coat and their entire color changes!
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Guided Reindeer Tour

Up to 4 cars or 12 people


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Child petting reindeer

Feel the Magic

Get Up Close and Personal With Real Reindeer!

Take the opportunity to meet real reindeer face to face! Feel reindeer fur, marvel at their gigantic antlers, be inside their environment, and more. Your reindeer encounter will be unforgettable.

We can accommodate groups of up to 12 people or 4 cars.

We are located in Collinsville, IL. just 15 minutes from St. Louis, MO.

What you get

Private Reindeer Tours Include

Pet a Reindeer

Feel the reindeer coat and how thick their fur is. Learn about how they shed their coat in the warmer months.

Feed a Reindeer

You'll have the opportunity to try feeding the reindeer their favorite treats.

Note: we don't withold food from the reindeer at any time, so their willingness to eat treats all comes down to their appetite at that time.

60 Minute Tour

You get to go behind-the-scenes and enter the reindeer pen and barn. You get to learn all about these magnificent creatures from the reindeer handlers themselves.

Take Home Real Reindeer Fur

We give each child a bag of REAL reindeer fur to take home.