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Reindeer are ready for St. Louis Metro area schools

Rocket and Annabelle Reindeer

Learn about majestic reindeer

Bring live reindeer to your school!

Bringing live reindeer to schools for an educational event offers a remarkable opportunity to engage and inspire students in a unique and memorable way. These captivating creatures serve as living ambassadors, teaching children about the wonders of the natural world and fostering a deep appreciation for wildlife.

Students can observe their graceful movements, feel their soft fur, and marvel at their impressive antlers, all while gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation and the interconnectedness of ecosystems.

A rich history

Learn about the untold reindeer story

Reindeer Are Still Vital Around the World

Reindeer still form a vital part of many cultures around the world as transport, food, and tools.

Did you know? Reindeer are one of the only mammals that can see ultraviolet light. This lets them see dangers such as wolf urine that would otherwise be invisible to traveling humans.

Reindeer Culture Runs Deep

Reindeer are extremely important to cultures all around the world. This is especially true with the Sami people of traditional Lapland. Learn about Sami culture, clothing, and way of life.

Did you know? It is considered rude to ask a Sami herder how many reindeer they own. It is akin to asking someone in the U.S. how much money they make.

Wild Reindeer Are Disappearing

Reindeer populations around the world are going down at an alarming rate. Wild reindeer populatons have gone down as much as half in the arctic. Conservation, and inspiring conservation in children, is absolutely vital to making sure reindeer stay around for generations to come.

Did you know? Wild reindeer in the lower 48 states went extinct in 2019. There is still time to reverse the trend.

The complete package

All School Events Include

1-2 Majestic Reindeer

Our friendly boy Rocket and our picture perfect Annabelle.

1 to 4 Hours of Education

How many hours of showtime is based on your event length. Set up is done by us before and after the event.

12' x 12' Enclosure

We have a metal enclosure pen as well as fence barriers for safety. We can also walk the reindeer around on leads.

Tarps, food, and water

We bring everything the reindeer need with us. The tarps cover the ground to prevent any mess.

Experienced Handlers

Our handlers will tend to the animals and educate the students. We have a wealth of reindeer knowledge not just about the animals, but their history and traditional human culture as well.

Set Up & Clean Up

We handle all set up and clean up before and after your event.

Full Liability Insurance

We are fully insured by Country Companies and can provide proof of insurance upon request.

Real Sleigh and Hands-On Exhibits

Your students can feel real reindeer fur, see a traditional sleigh, and learn about other traditional reindeer produced items.

Rocket and Annabelle Reindeer

Book in advance

Don't wait too long!

Only 5 days left until Christmas

There are very few reindeer rental services in the St. Louis Metro Area. Be sure to book well in advance to ensure availabiity for your event.

Rocket and Annabelle ReindeerRocket and Annabelle Reindeer

Why Reindeer?

Our Story

HLF Reindeer & Company is owned by Sean and Emily Patterson of Collinsville, IL. We own two reindeer, several ducks, two dogs, and a parrot. We love animals and the joy that animals bring to people.

So why reindeer? We both love Christmas and knew that we wanted a business that would bring holiday joy to as many people as possible. We visited some tree farms and spoke with reindeer owners. After seeing the pure joy that a child (or adult!) gets on their face upon seeing these magical creatures - we were hooked.

Our reindeer bring joy to us, they bring joy to everyone that sees them, and seeing all of that just brings us even more joy! These truly are magical creatures and we want to do everything in our power to help as many people experience a bit of Christmas magic as possible.